2024 Promotional Contests

In the Promotional Contest, exhibitors are encouraged to develop marketing skills by promoting their sheep. Exhibitors may use computers to produce their entries.

Age Brackets: Divisions are set by this listing and are determined by age on January 1st:
Senior (age 17-22)
Intermediate (age 14-16)
Junior (age 12-13)
Beginner (age 4-11)

Social Media Video Contest:

Create a 1 to 3 minute educational video that could be posted on Social Media.The title/theme of your video will be “A day in my life as a sheep producer/showperson”.Bring your video to promotional check in on a flash drive labeled with your name. Your video will be downloaded onto a computer for judging and viewing. Videos may include music, subtitles, oral narration, and creativity.
701 Senior
702 Intermediate

Logo Contest:

(for junior and beginner only)
Develop a logo on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper which promotes your sheep or farm.
703 Junior
704 Beginner

Ad Layout Contest:

(for senior and intermediate only)
Develop a full size ad promoting your breed, farm or American Lamb product using one to five photos.  Finished ad should be 8 1/2″ x 11″ with 1/2″ margins.  Logo may be duplicated and incorporated.  Ad does not have to be camera ready, but should be drawn to proportion as nearly as possible.  Include address and phone number.
711 Senior
712 Intermediate

Poster  Contest:

(for junior and beginner only)
Develop a poster on standard poster ( NO 3 sided display boards) promoting your breed, farm, or American Lamb products.  Any number of photos may be used.  Slogan and logo may be duplicated and incorporated.
713 Junior
714 Beginner


Photo Contest:

Submit 3″ x 5″ or 4″ x 6″ photos of your sheep.  Limit 1 photo per exhibitor.  Each photo should be mounted separately on colored background with at least a 1″ border, but not framed.  Photos can be of one or more sheep and/or lambs.  Photos must be taken by exhibitor.

731 Senior
732 Intermediate
733 Junior
734 Beginner
735 Adult

Essay Contest:

Write an essay of 250-350 words using the following topics for each age division:

Beginner: Why do you like sheep and how did you get your first one to start your sheep project?

Junior: Tell us about the breed you raise, both pros and cons, and why did you select it to raise?

Intermediate: What immediate goals do you want to achieve with your sheep and how does it incorporate producing American Lamb and/or Wool Products?

Senior: “What do you think the future holds for the purebred sheep industry and do you plan on being a part of it, if so how do you plan to continue to be involved and if not, why not?

741 Senior
742 Intermediate
743 Junior
744 Beginner


T-Shirt Logo Contest:

Develop a computer or hand drawn logo promoting the All-American that would be suitable for printing on a T-shirt for the upcoming year of the show.  Next year the show will be held in W. Springfield, Mass. Designs may be developed on an 8 1/2” x 11” paper.

751 Senior
752 Intermediate
753 Junior
754 Beginner