2020 All-American Junior Show

July 2-5, 2020
East Lansing, Michigan

2020 AAJS Update…

The executive committee had a tele-phone conference meeting last night. The final decision on whether the show can move forward will be made on May 20th. We are giving the state of Michigan as much time as possible to firm up their social gathering guidelines moving forward this summer and to allow the ever changing Covid19 policies to be most up to date when we make the final decision on the 2020 AAJS Show’s future.

The committee has secured a secondary site in case it can not be held at Michigan State due to any specific restrictions they may have in place. That site is the Berrien Youth County Fairgrounds in Berrien Springs, MI. No hotel blocks have been set up, you will need to make reservations at hotels in the area on your own. There are plenty of them near by.

We are also asking that you all hold off on sending in any entries until after the final decision has been made on the show’s future on May 20th. Most of the entries don’t come in until the deadline anyways, so for once I am encouraging you to hold off sending in entries.

For our older exhibitors, it has already been decided that we will extend the upper age limit by a year for next year’s show in Illinois so, you will not miss out on attending your final youth showing career opportunity. This will happen even if we are holding a show this year in Michigan because we know many of you might need to know that information to make a safe and final decision for your family on attending or not in 2020.

Presently we are still actively fundraising by hosting the online semen benefit auction being held May 18th at Integrity Livestock Sales online site. If you have stud ram semen you would like to donate please contact Mike Crowder directly at: or call him at
765-366-3135. No matter the status of this year’s show, the AAJS needs to fund raise as these funds will not go to waste. We can easily hold funds for future shows and this can also go towards the scholarship program that we will be doing this year no matter what. All proceeds go towards a great cause and thank you to Integrity for donating all of their online sales services and fees.

The AAJS Executive Committee and the Michigan Planning Committee are trying their best to keep the show moving forward and are taking steps to make it happen, but please do remember that the final decision maybe taken out of our hands as this pandemic continues and evolves.

The All American Junior Sheep Show will be having a Benefit Semen Online Auction Sale on May 18th hosted by Integrity Livestock Sales. The AAJS is looking for 2-5 straw semen lots on stud rams for donation, with all sale proceeds going directly to the All American Junior Sheep Show, as Integrity Sales has generously donated their services. Thank-you!

If you are willing and able to donate some straws please contact  Mike Crowder directly at: , cell: 765-366-3135.

Please get information to Mike by May 1st. This is going to be a major fundraising event for the 2020 All American Junior show this year in East Lansing, MI. We are planning for another great junior show this summer!